TOP PERFORMER 2016 | Gigsalad.com

Richard Torres, has grown to becoming a sought after close up strolling magician for corporate and private parties. In the beginning, he started as a birthday party magician then growing to entertaining celebrities, Fortune 500 Companies, such as McKinsey and Company and Google to name a few.

Seriously, How did you do that!”

As he progressed he became known for his mix of witty comedy, stories, and weaving in spectator participation to create a unique experience. In the end, most of the magic is done visually with borrowed objects from the guests, fruits, money, playing cards, apparent mind reading demonstrations and comedy pick pocketing all in the works. A full packaged entertainer for your events.

Look to add a flair of mystery as Richard entertains your guests strolling the room or on a stage for everyone to experience. Check out his shows section for more information.

When he’s not performing he does follow other passions such as a career in acting and filmmaking. He works as an actor which you can view more on his Actor’s Section.