Frequently Asked Questions

I’m all about listening and working with you to give you the best show possible. All rates vary per event as every event is different and brings with it different situations. My rates are specifically tailored for your specific event.

Get in touch with his event team for more information.
Every bit of my show whether strolling or stage has been tested in front of a live audience. Every moment has been through 1,000s of performances through a span of 10+ years. Even when Richard is not performing he is out working on his craft at open mics to make sure it is ready for your event.

Interested in Close Up/Strolling Magic?

Every moment with your guests are specifically designed to create an experience. All the material is clean, and for some might seem intense, but Richard promises your guests will be entertained at all times.

Interested in Stage?

The stage magic brings Richard’s true personality to life. A mix between visual theatre, crazy stories, and illusions from mind reading demonstrations to impossible feats. Richard turns the show and makes it about the audience in the room.

Unlike some entertainment, a magician or mentalist is PERFECT to fit almost any venue or event. The best thing about magic is the techniques used can be used for opening up a corporate event, restaurants, team building, Galas, etc. It is adaptable to almost any type of event.

Speak to Richard if you are still interested in getting more information.
I started my career as a magician performing for kids birthday parties. I have now been super busy performing for high end clients, galas, weddings, and fortune 500 companies. My show, though is “clean” is appropriate for ages 12+ and up.
All online payments are done through Paypal. To make it easy for my clients, I have come up with a simple 3 step booking process.

  • Step 1: The Consultation: We will work together on an agreement about your event and the perfect timing on when the show can begin.
  • Step 2: The Nitty Gritty:  You will get an email from Paypal with an invoice; a deposit for your event will be requested. The balance is to be handled on the day of the event in cash or card as I do use a Paypal Reader. If using a check please speak with me ahead of time.
  • Step 3: CELEBRATE! You will get a confirmation letter from me stating I have received your deposit. You are officially booked for your event!